At 76 Projects we coined the phrase 'On Bike Storage' when we launched the original Piggy back in Spring 2017.

In recent years there has been a trend to reduce the amount of kit carried by riders on their back. Carrying the weight of tools lower down and never forgetting them are some of the many advantages.

Our on bike storage do not require expensive and compromised dedicated tools and wherever possible we avoid strapping directly to a bike frame because it's ugly and messes up your paintwork or worse.

The Piggy

Integrated. The original Piggy locates your tools and spares neatly behind your water bottle. Perfect for hardtails, road and gravel (and a quite a few full suspension frames).

Unlike a saddle bag it doesn’t rattle, or rub your seatpost, and does not block lights and cameras.

In order for The Piggy to fit many different frame designs the platform attaches to the frame’s bottle cage bosses via slots. This moves the bottle and The Piggy up to 105mm forward of the position the bottle would be with the bottle cage bosses.


Strap Mount or Direct Mount. The original Piggy’s versatile brother can be direct mounted to bottle bosses or strap mounted anywhere on the frame. Despite it’s name the Little Piggy has the same storage capacity as it’s brother.

Direct mount. The platform of the Little Piggy bolts directly to bottle cage bosses. More and more manufacturers are adding extra bosses to their bikes which the Little Piggy can bolt to.

Strap mount. Instead of just using a typical Velcro strap to attach the Little Piggy to a frame we developed silicone rubber pads which are both super grippy and add shock absorption. Allied with a coated Velcro one wrap strap this Little Piggy is going nowhere!

Micro Piggy

Single Minded. In recognition of the fact that that some riders prefer to stash tools in bar ends etc the Micro Piggy is a paired down platform and strap that's perfect for carrying a small load such as a tube, pump or a jacket.

The narrow 40mm width is particularly suited to the under top tube mounts which many bikes now feature.


Ingenious. The Anti Strap System provides strap free quick release fitting without the need for top tube bosses (if you have bosses it works with them too).

Super stable and easy to remove when not required or for taking values with you at cafe stops.


Weatherproof. A small but tough dry bag to keep your kit dry in the worst of conditions.

Sized to fit the Piggy and Little Piggy platforms. With loop for direct mounting.

Piggy Zip Case

Compact protection for your kit. A versatile storage solution that can be strapped directly to your bike frame or saddle rails OR it is sized to fit the platform of The Piggy and Little Piggy.

Built to last the case features a quality YKK Aquaguard zip and hypalon panels for grip and abrasion resistance.

Piggy Saddle Case

K.I.S.S. A simple and effective combination of the Piggy Zip Case and a custom silicone-backed strap allowing it to be strapped to saddle rails. The wide but flat strap ensure that the case stays put and can be positioned high away from the seatpost.

0.5L and NEW essentials only 0.3L versions available.