Ultra Distance TT Mount

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Compatible with the Garmin External Battery Pack

A special version of our unique 3-way adjustable TT computer mount for those who ride far and fast.

  • 3-way adjustability allows the mount to be located wherever you want on the aero extensions.
  • For width 100mm c/c to 140mm between extensions. Spacers and extra screws provided to allow fine-tuning. 2x2mm, 2x3mm, 2x5mm, 2x10mm.
  • Attaches to bars with rubber-coated velcro straps for easy adjustment.
  • Designed to work with Garmn 530, 830 & 1030 which directly connect to the Garmin external battery pack. Other Garmins may be charged using a USB cable to the battery pack (the mount head should be mounted backwards to create clearance for this.
  • When not using the battery, devices may be attached using the Quick Release Accessory Mount - Female which is available HERE.
  • Manufactured in-house using our Multi Jet Fusion industrial 3D printer then shot peened for surface toughness and quality.

*Mount only. Computer and battery not included.

**The battery pack should be mounted in the orientation shown.

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